I am based out of Rock Hill, South Carolina, where I paint at my in-home studio. I primarily work with acrylic on canvas, but also enjoy painting with gouache, which I use when I travel or paint outside. I spend a lot of time outside. I take pictures of leafy things, like ferns, monstera plants, and elephant ears. I incorporate greenery into most of my work, which includes environmental imagery and symbolism. I am incredibly grateful for time spent outside and can frequently be found stooped down in the woods checking out a wildflower or examining an interesting plant.


I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I have participated in both group and solo exhibitions in New Hampshire, Boston, New York, Rhode Island, Charlotte, and Rock Hill. Most recently, I have had my work published. I just received a grant from the Arts Council of York County and the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. I was also lucky enough to work with Shepard Fairey at the end of 2021.



I spend as much time as I can outside. My curiosity for the environment started when I was a kid. My siblings and I would build structures out of snow in the winter and create hideouts from hollowed out bushes and trees in the summer. We would stay out until dusk, when our parents finally summoned us inside for dinner. This admiration for all things outside has continued into my adulthood. I enjoy identifying plants, hiking, camping, and looking for wildlife.

          My painting practice utilizes plant-based imagery as a symbolism of fragility, growth, and strength. The flora I incorporate into my work communicates the parallels between human and nature. The cyclical and ever-changing environment is reflected in me, and vice versa. I often work with acrylic on canvas, superimposing natural imagery with bright colors. I combine realistic leaves, which carry with them a history of culture and tradition-based symbolism, with vibrant color blocking to convey the dichotomy between sickness and wellness


Charlotte, NC, USA 
Rock Hill, SC, USA


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