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Witchy Woman (2022)

Witchy Woman (2022)

16" x 24" x 1.25" hand-stretched canvas - sides are painted with a flourescent pink that creates a soft pink glow when hanging on light-colored walls. This painting is not wired.


This painting features a flowering Witch Hazel plant. This piece was created during my time as an artist-in-residence at ChaShaMa's upstate New York residency program, ChaNorth. 


Full and side photos were taken in shade, closeups were taken in full sun.


All paintings are signed, labeled, and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Shipped with care. Local to the Manchester, NH area? Delivery and pick-up options available! Just select delivery or local pick-up at checkout. 


Be sure to read the information about my return policy and shipping information on this page!

  • Return Policy

    I do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact me at so I can best assist you!

  • Shipping & Insurance

    Adding insurance: Shipping insurance costs $10.00 for every $100.00 of painting value. For example, a $2,000.00 painting would cost $200.00 to fully insure. The Client can choose to add partial or full insurance coverage to help protect against lost or damaged artwork during transit (invoice will be sent to order email). Reimbursement up to the insured value will be paid back to The Client in the event of lost, stolen, or damaged artwork.

    Forgoing insurance: The Client will not be reimbursed for lost, stolen, or damaged artwork. If loss or damage occurs, The Client can choose to commission The Artist for a full-price replacement. It is not possible to recreate paintings. The Artist will work with The Client to choose the same, similar, or new reference imagery – this process is unique for each painting – The Client understands that replacement artwork will be different from the original.

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