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Molly grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire. As a child, Molly showed interest and talent in art-making and took many courses through the local museum school. Her creative pursuits soon developed into a passion for the arts that led Molly to attend Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in 2013. In addition to graduating with painting honors, Molly has participated and curated exhibitions in Manchester, Boston, New York, and Charlotte. She is currently living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina.


My work is a combination of curiosity, instinct, and an overwhelming desire to explore tonality, light, and movement through color. I love the complexities of color and mark-making. I think there is such playfulness between chaos and uniformity, and I am constantly working with both through the language of repetition and color.

I have been exploring natural imagery. Using environmental references, my most recent body of work plays with contrasting textural elements and color to expose the awesome diversity of the landscape. I think there is an incredibly interesting symbolism that occurs when images of nature are made - digitally or otherwise - through the unique and often distorted human lens. 



Charlotte, NC, USA 
Rock Hill, SC, USA


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