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Molly received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting in 2013 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She primarily works with acrylic on canvas, incorporating vibrant color blocking with environmental imagery. The landscapes in her work convey symbols of fragility, growth, and strength. She appreciates the connections between the body and nature and investigates those themes in her work.

Molly has participated in both group and solo exhibitions throughout New England, New York, and the southeast. She was awarded a grant in early 2022 from the Arts Council of York County and the South Carolina Arts Commission, both of which receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. The grant funded Molly’s most recent body of work, which has shown in various galleries throughout South Carolina. She currently lives and works in Manchester, New Hampshire.




My painting practice utilizes environmental imagery as symbols of fragility, growth, and strength. The landscapes I incorporate into my work communicate the parallels between the body and nature. The cyclical and ever-changing environment is reflected in me, and vice versa. I often work with acrylic on canvas, superimposing natural imagery with vibrant color blocking to convey the dichotomy between sickness and wellness.


Charlotte, NC, USA 
Rock Hill, SC, USA


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